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Jiujiang Beihai Fiberglass Co., Ltd.
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Jiangxi, China
Productos principales:Estera de fibra de basalto, Roving de fibra de basalto, hebras picadas de fibra de basalto, barras de refuerzo de basalto, mangas y cinta de basalto

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Estera de fibra basáltica
Roving de fibra de basalto
Hebras de fibra de basalto
Company Profile
  • Jiujiang Beihai Fiberglass Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in continuous basalt fiber research and development, production, marketing and technical consulting services in one, located in Jiujiang Industrial Park, Jiangxi Province, covering an area of more than 60,000 square meters.

    Jiujiang Beihai Fiberglass is a leading enterprise in the domestic basalt fiber industry, and is also one of the leading manufacturers of basalt fibers and their composite materials in China. The company has the world's most advanced all-electric melting furnace basalt melting and drawing production technology, and the company has been in the international leading position in large leakage plate and large hearth technology. Its goal is to build the largest continuous basalt fiber and its composite material production base in China and even in the world.

    The production of all products of Beihai Fiberglass has complete independent intellectual property rights, and the dependence on foreign countries from raw materials, equipments, to production technology and process is zero.

    The company's products cover two major fields of military and civil, in the defense industry, such as anti-burning, heat insulation, waterproof and anti-leakage, stealth, surface corrosion and packaging and other professional applications;in the civil field, based on the company's basalt new material excellent performance and has a wide range of application scenarios, the company combined with the market demand for the development of more than 30 types of new products, respectively, used in the light rail, high speed rail, subway and other rail vehicles, acoustic Heat-insulating layer and skirt plate driver's platform and other interior parts of rail vehicles such as light rail, high-speed rail, subway, transformers and other power facilities, sound-absorbing and noise-reducing functional parts, new energy vehicle battery flame retardant and heat-insulating parts, automobile brake pads, front and rear bumpers and other functional parts, urban water supply and drainage and transportation of corrosive liquids, not only the safety and hygiene, but also both acid and alkali composite pipeline performance, indoor decoration of fire curtains, wall coverings, wall panels and other fire-resistant decorative materials, green environmental protection, health, classroom desks and chairs, bleacher chairs and other teaching aids and a variety of board office furniture, building materials industry, exterior wall insulation cotton, roof tiles, composite tendons, short-cut fibers and other green materials, suitable for high temperature, cold and humid environments such as walkway boards, guardrails, pavilions, seating, garbage cans, and other outdoor facilities, wood structure construction of the basalt scales of fireproofing paint, metal surface anticorrosive scales of paint, fire-fighting blankets, insulation, and fireproofing materials. wave-transparent 5G communication radome, etc.